Hope for Tomorrow, Grace for Today...what it means...

For in this HOPE we are saved. But HOPE that is seen is no HOPE at all. Who HOPES for what he already has?

~Romans 8:24

And if by GRACE, then it is no longer by works; if it were, GRACE would no longer be GRACE.

~Romans 11:6

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and My Rite Aid Deal!

I love Mother's Day! This year (like most) I didn't want presents. I wanted to go shopping and spend time with my mom, grandma and sister, and I wanted my husband to simply show he cared by doing things he knows I appreciate. It was GREAT! I had a great day out with my ladies and shopped my heart out. I had breakfast made for me (and everyone else). We went to my in-laws after church and had lunch prepared for us and Steve's sisters. We played outside, had family pics taken (coming soon!), and had a great time. What a great weekend drenched in family! Stevie even rubbed my back and feet last night to top everything off!

I also got to do another of my favorite activities yesterday:

My Pre-Church Rite Aid Run!

This is where I do my homework Saturday night (or early Sunday morning) and I have all my stuff organized so I can get to the good deals right when the doors open Sunday morning!!

The bummer part of the story: I had a great scenario where I would have gotten 4 more hair care items for like 50 cents LESS than I paid, but they didn't have the exact kind that the coupons were for! BUMMER!

So I got Infusium 23 Shampoo and Conditioner, 2 pk dark choc pb cups and the 6 oz Lubriderm for $2.17 and I get a $1 rebate from the lotion! I still left feeling pretty pepped for the day!

Oh...and if you haven't started using Swagbucks, you should!!! Please use me as your referral to get me swagbucks, too! I have earned 2 $5 gift cards to amazon.com (which I just used the other day!) just for using the swagbucks search engine in my toolbar.

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